Dinner at Sedar Park is prepared on your choice and served on your desk from the menu. So you don't wait in buffet queues while you eat fresh food at every meal.


Unlike open buffets, we do not have a hot and cold meal group with excess sauce or spicy to mislead our guests in our menu, and we deliver the true taste to you in a healthy way with the products we use. Bonfile meat and vegetables we use for almost all meat dishes are supplied from our neighbor Demirtaş village and we order our fish daily.

But of course, if you want to keep your own fish, we can cook for you, and you can even do it at our restaurant right by the sea where you live. :)

We use natural and homemade products for breakfast served on your table as sprinkler. We prepare your breakfast with products from all over Turkey, like olives from Hatay, cheese Tulum from Erzincan  cheese, in addition to homemade jams.

In Sedir Park, which is in the middle of banana gardens, you will be in constant contact with nature, unlike reinforced concrete plants. You can tell your children about plants and nature in hobby gardens, teach them to fish,  also without fear of “does it fall? while they play on the grass, you can read books quietly on your porch or in your hammock. We really want our guests to rest in Sedir Park; for this, there are no hotel activities that sound High, but we have also taken extra insulation measures in our garden villas and hotel rooms.


We do not want our small guests to watch TV on such a vacation, but we have come together from quality brands of every tool that needs to be found in your room from Smart TV to water heater. And this includes actual orthopedic beds.

Unlike large holtels, in Sedir Park, the quality of service is very high as it should be in a boutique hotel, we do not direct you to different departments or keep you in the queue when you need something.


"The hotel was very clean and the staff was very helpful. We can easily say that Sedir Park is zero to the sea, you are on the beach when you take another step from the restaurant. There is no building such as a road, a bridge.


However, the beach and sea are clean every hour of the day because it is not a beach Business, Hotel and intensive residential area around us.


The first year of Sedir Park, which started to serve in 2017, went great both for us and for our guests. We can say that instead of giving limited figures, we have never had a guest who could not find what he saw or expected in the paintings and left unsatisfied. For us, it was last year's greatest reward for them to score a score of 4.6 on all online platforms and recommend us to their loved ones. We are ready for 2018 with our service quality and our accommodation experience.


"Moreover, Alanya-Gazipasa Airport Only 15 Minutes”